Monday, 9 January 2012

make: yoga block stamps

We love to recycle things we don't use anymore so this week we've been making stamps out of an old yoga block, it's super simple...

Get an old yoga block and carve it up. We used a bread knife to do this. For each stamp you want to make you need to cut a block of about 1 inch thickness and a block of about 1/4 inch thickness, both to the height/width you want for your design.

Draw a design on the thinner piece. We used a sharpie but it came off on our fingers a bit.

Cut the shapes out. We tried using a craft knife but found it easier just to use the kitchen scissors.
Stick the shapes on to their blocks (we used copydex as its waterproof so we can wash paint/ink off the stamps), and leave to dry overnight.

Stamp away! We loaded up our stamps by rolling a thin layer of paint onto foil then stamping into this.

Have fun crafting x

Jo x 

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  1. Yunmai upgraded the craftsmanship of the yoga blocks by completely abandoning the original glue bonding method and using the new three-color hot-pressing compound technology to tightly press the "upper, middle and lower" three-layer structure into one block.