Tuesday, 4 October 2011

woodland adventures

This week we went to a brilliant day of woodcraft and tree climbing in the woods with other local homeschooling families.

We had a brilliant time, thankyou so much to the people who put this on x

x jo

Saturday, 1 October 2011

make: scrubbies

I am always loving a super practical project, especially one that uses up things I already have lying around and that means I don't have to buy something. This project is the perfect combination. Also, having a six year old vying for my attention and being 36 weeks pregnant, the fact that it only took half an hour is a bonus!

crochet hook (5mm)

First you need to cut the tulle into strips, the longer you make your strips the less tying you have to do and the width is up to you. I did mine roughly 2-3" wide but basically if you do them thinner than you need to use a smaller crochet hook and your scrubbie will be smaller, the opposite if you do them wider.

Next, tie the strips together to make a ball of tulle yarn. Don't worry about knots and ends, they will all be hidden in the final piece.

Next you need to crochet 2 small circles, keeping all knots and yarn ends at the back of your work. The only important thing here is that the two are the same so if you are comfortable crocheting circles then do it your favourite way. This is how I did it. (UK terms).

dc 6 into magic loop. Pull tight.
dc 2 into each dc around (12 sts)
*dc 1 into next dc, dc 2 into next dc, rep from * around (18 sts)
sl st into next st ( to make the outline of the circle smoother), fasten off.

Cut the yarn on the first circle but leave the working yarn attached on the 2nd.

Hold the two pieces back to back and dc around the edge attaching the 2 together. Stuff yarn ends and knots inside to tidy it up and to give it a bit of bulk.

Weave the last end inside and trim.
Make some more!

As a final quick thrifty tip: Cut bands from the legs of tights as the most perfect hairbands.

x jo