Saturday, 30 June 2012

a few firsts ...

First time on trotting poles, first ever canter, first jump, first (and second!) fall off. This girl is all go at the moment. As she turns 7 in a couple of weeks we will begin a new chapter in our homeschooling journey soon, and she is so ready for it. Grasping after everything, curious about the tiniest details , asking question after question after question... (but really, why do crabs go sideways? ... anyone?). Most importantly for me though is that she does want it and that she goes at her pace, learning and living, the two are not seperate things.

Jo x  

Friday, 29 June 2012


In our optomism for warmer days we set up a swing for Roghan at grandparents house. He has managed to get a few swings in and suspended from the old cherry tree he is completely relaxed. Fast or slow, high or low, spinning gently or almost stopped he doesn't mind he just sits and enjoys and observes.

He does have an adoring older sister to push him though ...

Jo x

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

we're back...

So, we have had a long break from blog land but we are back now and I shall try to fill you in.
We went away for a week in a caravan which was really fun, it was in North Wales at Black Rock Sands near Porthmadoq. Black Rock Sands is a huge long beach with the best sandcastle building sand I've ever come across. It was so shapeable (real word?), we could almost carve it. Needless to say, lots of beachy fun!
It did rain for a couple of days but the camp site had a pool with fun activities going on that faith could join in on. Here are some photo's from our time there.

(the previous 2 photos are in portmerrian, beautiful)

More coming soon...
Jo x

Friday, 1 June 2012

at our place

This week has been, beautiful sunsets, stunning views, taking naps, sparkling trees, circus practice, teaching them young, dance show preparation, bareback riding, cardigan knitting, cake eating, party throwing, sibling playing, and afternoon tea x

Jo x

bloom where you're planted

This little plant grows in the crack between my doorstep and the pavement, right next to a road. It is certainly not in its ideal environment yet this little plant puts forth its leaves, fills them full of colour and tries its best.

I think I have something to learn from this little plant.

The photo below is irrelevant but cute and that's reason enough for me.