Thursday, 21 February 2013

from the air

When some scaffolding was put up at the stables I hopped up there quick to take some photos. (I like climbing scaffolding - see this post).

In the photo below you can just see our 3 at the top of the field, the road goes across the top of those fields where the hedge is and you can see the lane that comes down.

The lane comes down past the other fields...

... and then turns into the stable yard. The open door on the right is the tack and feed room, the big door in the middle is the entrance to 2 stables and you can just see the third stable on the left of the picture. 

Next is the straw barn and then the doors at the end are where we keep the smaller bales of hay. The track then carries on down past the field to another small stable block that you can see at the top of the picture. You can also see the builder on his tea break pretending not to notice me climbing up his scaffolding!. 

This is where we spend our mornings at the moment, thanks for joining me in a little tour around the yard.

Jo x 

Sunday, 17 February 2013

dawn and dusk

I have a feeling I've done this before but I just can't help myself when it comes to the beautiful sun.

Dawn - 

Has anyone else noticed the 'lights on' moment that happens at dawn. It seems to be dark, slightly less dark, just a hint of light and then suddenly light. At the moment the 'lights on' is happening at about 20 past 7 and we know that we should be about halfway through the stables by then. Its better than looking at a clock all the time!

Dusk - 

Jo x 

Thursday, 14 February 2013

windiest day

I went for a lovely walk a few days ago. We went to visit with grandparents and while the children stayed warm and cozy at their house, I took sonny up to the cliffs for a walk. It was seriously windy, the kind of windy where when you're walking towards it you barely move and when its behind you, you can't stop! It was also the kind of windy that blows your phone away when you're trying to take a photo! It is also the kind of wind that produces amazing dramatic waves, team that with some beautiful bright winter sunshine and its a great day to be out, it made me feel so alive.

That's lands end point at the top of the picture below.

Jo x 

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

at our place

The last week month  has been, maths lessons, chalkboard drawing, more and more puppy love, art?, beautiful sunshine, walks (or rides) on the beach, running around in an empty skate park (i know, who'd have thought that could be so much fun?!), and a birthday, which despite the 7 candles was mine and not faiths! 

Jo x 

Monday, 11 February 2013

on stilts

We recently had a lovely meet up with some other home educating families and lots of circus equipment. Faith spent most of the afternoon on stilts. She spent about 10 minutes wobbling, falling over and crashing into things and then something clicked and she was off...

Jo x 

Sunday, 10 February 2013

the weather

Ok, ok, I know, I'm British and I'm talking about the weather, but really, the weather this last month has been something to pay attention to. We have had sun, hail, rain, fog, snow, wind (rip your phone out of your hand kind of wind - that actually happened), freezing cold, and pleasantly warm, sometimes even all in 1 day. Last week on one day I woke up to snow and freezing wind and then at dawn a lovely warm sunny day started in which it kept randomly and very heavily hailing for about 10 seconds at a time. No-one knows how many clothes to wear or when its safe to venture out! We don't get extreme weather down here, I think I've seen the thermometer at -2 so far this year and the snow we had was just a sprinkling (for us that still counts and everything comes to a grinding halt), in the summer it gets warm, in the winter it gets cool, it rains quite a bit and we get some fog. Not extreme, just extremely changeable.

Jo x 

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Puppy love

This gorgeous 4 month old boy has arrived in our lives. There is lots of hugging and loving going on. He is the sweetest and gentlest little thing. Well not that little actually. Right now we are just enjoying him and feeling grateful that he's come. After 3 days he has figured out how to navigate the stairs and claimed half the sofa as his own!

Welcome home sonny! It feels like this family has been holding a space just for you.