Wednesday, 24 April 2013

at our place

At our place has been lots and lots and lots of learning, learning to swim, learning to climb, learning to care, learning to balance, learning to balance, learning to count, learning to share, learning to make a humungous mess... 

...learning to clear up.... er, no, what was I thinking...
Jo x 

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Each year I set myself a goal of a new skill to learn or a task to achieve, last year it was this blog (which I did), and to improve my needle felting (which I didn't). This year my goals are spinning and soapmaking. My wheel arrived mid january and, oh my, i think I may have found a new calling. I love love spinning so much, I would spend every moment there if I could. 

Faith is my chief plyer (my computer thinks that's not a word, I beg to differ), she just naturally gets the right tension on the yarn, i am a little in awe of how quickly she could do that actually.

My first balls of wall were random and chunky and tiny thin in places but still lovely.

The very first skein of crazy weight single ply was made into a quick and warm cowl for faith. 

The other balls are waiting for inspiration to strike. I have to say that after about a month of practicing the yarn is starting to get finer and neater and more even but I still think those first lumpy skeins are very special and I'm looking for just the right project for them.

Monday, 15 April 2013

bring on spring

We can feel it. It's almost here. The beach bag is by the door. Bring on spring!

Sunday, 14 April 2013


So, being a stay at home, homeschooling mama means that I am with my kids pretty much all the time, which is lovely, except when its not, because sometimes you just need to be alone. Sometimes you just want to be quiet, and think, and actually make it to the end of a thought, and sometimes you want to walk at your own pace, and so sometimes, when papa has a day off, mama might just sneak out the door with the puppy dog for a little recharge.

We walked through mist and drizzle, mud and grass, and for half an hour all was peace.

I did some spring colour spotting and felt that the ice has gone out of the wind today.

I spied this sweet little tunnel that goes all the way through the hedge. Rabbits I'm guessing?

I fell in love with this big old building. I'm not sure what it was or what it is but there's something about it.

Best of all though, I came back calm, rested, recharged and ready to go again.

To all the hard working mamas out there, go get yourself some recharge x 

Jo x 

Friday, 12 April 2013

beautiful day

Oh we needed today so much, a beautiful sunny day, and to be outside most of the day without being cold - what bliss. We packed a picnic and headed for Boscawen-Un, a stone circle only a few miles from us and a place I always used to walk to growing up. 

We took watercolours and sketchpads and even Roghan obliged by not trying to throw the water everywhere and rip up all the paper (a rare event I assure you). There is something so good about painting outside, it is an entirely different experience to painting indoors, the movement and the air and the smells and sounds make their way into the painting too and it all just seems freer and more - well - more natural.

This is Faiths painting of the gorse (pictured below), I so love the way children paint, they really get to the essence of their subject and are not so rigid about the form. Faith's painting doesn't look like a photo of the gorse but it really feels like the gorse and the way it was moving slightly in the breeze.

So, while the children were happily occupied with painting and sonny was happily creating a pile of woodchips (see below), I of course did something productive like knitting or tidying away the picnic leftovers..... er, no.....

... I lay down in the grass and watched the clouds go by. Time well spent I think.

Quote from Faith: This grass isn't green, its light green and dark green and yellow and orange and gold and brown.
She then got the paints back out and carried on painting.
I'm going to make an effort to learn from her and look a little closer.

Below, Roghan's not entirely sure if he approves of my new flapjack recipe.

Time to go.... I think we shall be returning here many times this summer. 

(wow, 11 photos! Can you tell I enjoyed myself today.)
Jo x 

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The rogues and the binx

These two are the most awesome, inspiring, creative people I could ever meet, they inspire and challenge me every day and constantly push me to look closer and feel more. 

They fill the house with shouts, laughter, spills, chaos, fun, movement and cuddles. I want to savour every moment, remember the pitch of their young voices, the speed of their feet. And as they grow I want them to know down to their bones that they are loved. If our homeschooling achieves nothing else at least they will know that, and it will be enough.

Mama x 

Sunday, 7 April 2013

our days

These days of winter have gone on.... and on..... and on.... we are eagerly anticipating spring now and cheering every new bud and blossom, but the winter wasn't all gloom...

I realise these photos make it seem as though we've had the nicest winter ever, when in reality its just that every time the sun came out it was such a surprise that I ran for the camera! I'll leave you with a shot from a couple of days ago when we went for a walk on the beach and although the sun was out it was very windy and freezing cold. So, of course, the first ice cream of the season was in order!

Jo x