Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Each year I set myself a goal of a new skill to learn or a task to achieve, last year it was this blog (which I did), and to improve my needle felting (which I didn't). This year my goals are spinning and soapmaking. My wheel arrived mid january and, oh my, i think I may have found a new calling. I love love spinning so much, I would spend every moment there if I could. 

Faith is my chief plyer (my computer thinks that's not a word, I beg to differ), she just naturally gets the right tension on the yarn, i am a little in awe of how quickly she could do that actually.

My first balls of wall were random and chunky and tiny thin in places but still lovely.

The very first skein of crazy weight single ply was made into a quick and warm cowl for faith. 

The other balls are waiting for inspiration to strike. I have to say that after about a month of practicing the yarn is starting to get finer and neater and more even but I still think those first lumpy skeins are very special and I'm looking for just the right project for them.


  1. I think it looks fantastic! I also love your helper. Everyone should have one of those, mine are grown!

  2. Love your yarn how wonderful that you have spun it yourself.