Wednesday, 16 October 2013

apple day

We had such a great day on Saturday. Apple day was on at Kehelland horticultural center. There were local traders, farm animals, traction engines to ride on, face painting (by an unbelievable artist, see here), camp fires, mazes, traditional crafts, oh yeah... and apples... loads of the things.

Roghan loved this carousel so much, the smile says it all really.

Over 100 different locally grown varieties of apples were displayed and sold. Including the teeny tiny crab apples below.

These gorgeous gentle giants William and Samson were kind enough to give us a ride.

Happy days...
Jo x 

Sunday, 6 October 2013

breakfast time!

I think we need to enforce some kind of rule about the hamster joining us for breakfast!

Friday, 4 October 2013

wooly updates

Despite the seeming lack of activity going on there has been lots happening. Sonny, our pup, has grown into a great big 12 month old and has taken up some racing (just for fun) in his spare time, Roghan is approaching 2 and has discovered that his new favourite word is 'nope', faith is pursuing her interests in dance and drama more than ever, and me... I've been knitting! ...lots.

Actually lots more than this but when I come to download the pictures I find they are not there, it must be that pesky photo piskie that pinches all the photos I'm sure I took. It seems to be very active around these parts. Maybe I dream about taking photos? Strange thought. I will be joining in with a yarn along on Wednesday so will hopefully manage to get some more knitting updates by then.

Jo x 

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

super summer

Part of the reason i haven't been around for a while is the super summer we've had. we don't get them that often and we've been enjoying ours as much as we can.

After a few years of wash outs it's been such a relief to get some warmth and stock up on vitamin D, the summer has been so lovely and full that we all feel ready for the slowing days of autumn now. For now we are enjoying the fresher breezes, dry leaves and rainy afternoons and embracing autumn.

jo x

A birthday and a comeback

Happy birthday sonny, 1 year old today.

Our lovely gentle boy is having a great birthday with too many hugs and kisses to count.

I'm hoping that this post will launch me back into the blog, it's been too long and I miss this space. To anyone reading this, welcome back and thank you for your patience.

Jo x 

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

at our place

At our place has been lots and lots and lots of learning, learning to swim, learning to climb, learning to care, learning to balance, learning to balance, learning to count, learning to share, learning to make a humungous mess... 

...learning to clear up.... er, no, what was I thinking...
Jo x 

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Each year I set myself a goal of a new skill to learn or a task to achieve, last year it was this blog (which I did), and to improve my needle felting (which I didn't). This year my goals are spinning and soapmaking. My wheel arrived mid january and, oh my, i think I may have found a new calling. I love love spinning so much, I would spend every moment there if I could. 

Faith is my chief plyer (my computer thinks that's not a word, I beg to differ), she just naturally gets the right tension on the yarn, i am a little in awe of how quickly she could do that actually.

My first balls of wall were random and chunky and tiny thin in places but still lovely.

The very first skein of crazy weight single ply was made into a quick and warm cowl for faith. 

The other balls are waiting for inspiration to strike. I have to say that after about a month of practicing the yarn is starting to get finer and neater and more even but I still think those first lumpy skeins are very special and I'm looking for just the right project for them.

Monday, 15 April 2013

bring on spring

We can feel it. It's almost here. The beach bag is by the door. Bring on spring!