Wednesday, 25 September 2013

super summer

Part of the reason i haven't been around for a while is the super summer we've had. we don't get them that often and we've been enjoying ours as much as we can.

After a few years of wash outs it's been such a relief to get some warmth and stock up on vitamin D, the summer has been so lovely and full that we all feel ready for the slowing days of autumn now. For now we are enjoying the fresher breezes, dry leaves and rainy afternoons and embracing autumn.

jo x

A birthday and a comeback

Happy birthday sonny, 1 year old today.

Our lovely gentle boy is having a great birthday with too many hugs and kisses to count.

I'm hoping that this post will launch me back into the blog, it's been too long and I miss this space. To anyone reading this, welcome back and thank you for your patience.

Jo x