Tuesday, 14 February 2017

sending love

On this day when so many are sending their greetings of love, my wish is that we can extend that love over every day and all our encounters. Lots of love to you all this valentines day.

Jo x

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

yarn along:dreamcatcher

Joining in a little differently with the yarn along today, I mean, it is mostly made of yarn so I guess it counts right! This dreamcatcher came about by just playing with yarn and a hoop really, there wasn't any kind of plan it just evolved as I went along. The hoop is an old kids basketball hoop which I covered in a layer of tightly wrapped yarn. The tree started with the strand you can see going straight up from the bottom middle to the top middle, making the trunk. As I wrapped and thickened this central line I just took bits and pieces branching off whenever I felt like it. All the yarn wrapping took me about 2 days on and off in between normal mothering duties, cooking for hungry mouths and homeschooling. I then added the traditional netted 'dreamcatcher bits' in really really thin sewing thread (this was a delicate operation for sure!), and sewed some silver and white beads and crystals to it. The dangle underneath is made up of threads, lace, beads, a dried teasel and some dried everlast flowers that faith gave me a few years ago. It now hangs above my bed, hopefully letting some lovely dreams in.

Jo x

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

days out: january

Cold and beautiful January saw us visiting one of our favourite spots more often than not. A secluded piece of moorland with rocky pathways to a sparkly lake. It is rare for us to find anyone else on this particular walk as it's pretty hard to get to, so we enjoy the solitude and immense calm that seems to emanate from the lake. In the warmer months we take picnics and swimsuits and spend the day. This time of year we just take ourselves, wrapped up in layers of wool, stand at the edge and soak up as much as we can before hurrying back to the van. There are plans afoot to acquire a tandem kayak for adventures here but we will have to see how that can be worked out, fingers crossed!

Jo x

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

yarn along

Joining in with the yarn along today, just working on some socks while I wait for some creative inspiration to strike. Socks are always my standby, always needed, easy to transport and I've made so many that no pattern is needed (although here is my general sock recipe) so I can stop and start as necessary. Got some lovely purply mottled sock weight yarn from a local shop ad I'm really enjoying how they're coming out. Reading Ink Heart by Cornelia Funke, this was bought as a christmas present for Faith but I'm enjoying it too, If you like a bit of fantasy then I'm sure you would too - thoroughly recommended.

Jo x