Friday, 4 October 2013

wooly updates

Despite the seeming lack of activity going on there has been lots happening. Sonny, our pup, has grown into a great big 12 month old and has taken up some racing (just for fun) in his spare time, Roghan is approaching 2 and has discovered that his new favourite word is 'nope', faith is pursuing her interests in dance and drama more than ever, and me... I've been knitting! ...lots.

Actually lots more than this but when I come to download the pictures I find they are not there, it must be that pesky photo piskie that pinches all the photos I'm sure I took. It seems to be very active around these parts. Maybe I dream about taking photos? Strange thought. I will be joining in with a yarn along on Wednesday so will hopefully manage to get some more knitting updates by then.

Jo x 


  1. Love the purple yarn I am just finishing off something in a similar colour. Your other knits look amazing :)

  2. Thanks! I'm glad you commented as i lost my way to your blog a while ago but I've found it again now, i love your seasons table crafts x