Thursday, 21 February 2013

from the air

When some scaffolding was put up at the stables I hopped up there quick to take some photos. (I like climbing scaffolding - see this post).

In the photo below you can just see our 3 at the top of the field, the road goes across the top of those fields where the hedge is and you can see the lane that comes down.

The lane comes down past the other fields...

... and then turns into the stable yard. The open door on the right is the tack and feed room, the big door in the middle is the entrance to 2 stables and you can just see the third stable on the left of the picture. 

Next is the straw barn and then the doors at the end are where we keep the smaller bales of hay. The track then carries on down past the field to another small stable block that you can see at the top of the picture. You can also see the builder on his tea break pretending not to notice me climbing up his scaffolding!. 

This is where we spend our mornings at the moment, thanks for joining me in a little tour around the yard.

Jo x 

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