Thursday, 3 January 2013

mucking out time

Winter is a busy time at the stables. Mornings at our house are punctuated by calls of "mucking out time!" followed by the finding of coats, gloves, and boots and the general hustle and bustle of getting out the door. We arrive in the dark of pre-dawn to the whickering of horses eager to get out to the grass and then spend the early morning hours in the soothing repetition of forking straw, sifting out the clean, filling hay nets and water buckets, sweeping, laying down beds, shaking fresh straw and finally the satisfying thunk of bolts closing doors ready for the late afternoon when we will come back to feed and tuck them all in for the night. And so goes the rhythm of our winter days.

Jo x 

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  1. even though it's work, it sounds like fun to me! Thanks for sharing your morning with us-happy new year!