Monday, 7 May 2012

(another) new arrival!

Meet midge (appropriate name for a 16.1hh thoroughbred don't you think?), we are now part owners of him along with 4 others. His old owner didn't want him anymore and because of a spinal condition which means he can't be ridden no-one would buy him so at just 5 yrs old he was to be put down. Don't worry though, tragedy averted, as we took him on. As you can see from the pictures, faith loves him and he is a complete gentle giant. He is now like our great big pet dog that we take for walks and he gets spoilt rotten with the attentions of 5 owners. He has happily become friends with the 2 ponies we help look after and here's to many more years of a happy life for him.

Just had to add in these pictures!

Jo x

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