Thursday, 17 May 2012

make: olympic rings baby toy

We are lucky enough to live only a few miles from  Lands End where the olympic torch is beginning its journey. We will be making our way over there in the very very early hours of saturday morning to see the start. Having just spoken about this I found myself staring at some old curtain rings and... ding!... on went a little light that said a certain little one needed some olympic rings to dribble on (there is a lot of dribble at the moment), while watching the torch go past.

Needed - 5 wooden curtain rings
wool (blue, black, red, yellow and green)
needle and strong thread

Wind the wool around the curtain rings until completely covered, secure with a knot and then sew your tail end in to make it really secure. Arrange your rings correctly ( make sure of this or halfway through sewing them together you have to cut them apart and do it again ... trust me, this is frustrating!).

Sew together strongly with strong thread, I used embroidery floss in appropriate colours and went through so many times that mine doesn't even bend, it's completely solid!

Happy crafting!

Jo x

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