Wednesday, 17 October 2012

things to love

This package of gorgeous fabric arrived in the post this week. I am so excited to get to work on it, I think most of it will be used for Christmas presents. It is doubly exciting for me because I usually use reclaimed fabric and so to have a big clean swathe of fabric feels so good to cut in to. I love those little woodland creature fabrics so much, they will become clothes for Roghan.

I am loving the autumn colours that are everywhere at the moment. When we were all out for a walk the other day, I made everyone stop in the middle of a road in the crazy wind so that I could take a photo of these beautiful ivy leaves!

Had to share this picture faith did. I think all children go through the toilet humour phase and faiths pictures and stories are currently full of characters relieving themselves. Love this drawing so much!

So many things to love x 
Jo x

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