Saturday, 20 October 2012

up on the roof

We have scaffolding all over our house at the moment and to cut an extremely long story short - we have a rain problem. (Problem being that the rain does not stay where it is supposed to - the outside). So, after 3 years of various workmen, builders and 'friends of friends who are quite handy' coming over, standing about drinking tea, staring at the walls, climbing on the roof and having absolutely no effect on the leaks, I think we finally have some people here who know what they are doing. For starters there seems to be a whole lot more work going on than ever before and they have put a liner in the chimney and installed my long wished for wood burner so they are very much in my good books!

They also let us go on the roof! (I should clarify that after asking if me and Faith could go up and being informed that they are not insured for that kind of thing, I reassured them that I knew they hadn't given me permission to be up there and I was being very naughty and then went up.) It is so beautiful up there, it gets us out of the sea of houses and we can see the real sea and the bay, the horizon, tree and birds. We can feel the wind, hear the seagulls crying and smell the saltwater. I love being up high and I think Faith shares that as she scampers up those ladders with no fear at all. Our house is 3 storeys with a tall loft space above that so it is quite a height.

(I think next time I go up I will get someone to stand at the bottom for perspective)

It was a misty day when we went up but when it is clear you can see st michaels mount in the bay. The scaffolding will be up for another week or so and hopefully I will get a clear day when I can go up again.

Jo x 

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  1. What a view! My stomach would have felt all squishy inside (not in a good way). You are very adventurous!!