Friday, 23 November 2012

autumns for the woods

Phew! We haven't been able to get enough of the woods recently, the leaves, the colours, the mud, the freedom, the rope swings, the trees, the air..... it all calls to us and whenever we've been snowed in by the normal work, appointments and 'things to do' of life, we break away to the woods.

We explored a different part of the woods this time and found this most ancient and beautiful beech tree. Amazing how the kids were all instantly drawn to it and went running over to look around it and touch it as soon as they saw it.

In the middle of the woods down a tiny unmarked track we found this sweet little garden, the fence was falling down in places and there was even a huge fallen tree across the middle but bits and pieces were growing. Notably- nasturtiums and sage were in abundance. We stopped here to have our picnic lunch.

The squirrels were friendly ....

... as were the otters!!

The rope swing we found was amazing and going out over a bank made it feel so high.

The excitement was all too much for some little ones!

Happy outings in the woods x 

Jo x 

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  1. What a great place to spend some time, I love that 'secret' garden.