Sunday, 2 December 2012

form drawing

Form drawing is a big part of our week. We usually do it 1 - 3 times a week, we do form drawing first thing and it really settles us and brings faith into a frame of mind for some work. 
Recently Faith has been using the forms as inspiration and finding other shapes and pictures in them. We only began form drawing in September and the difference in concentration, pen control, evenness of line and things like that is enormous. I would highly recommend it.
Here's a good article on why to do form drawing and here's one on getting started. These are just 2 and there are many many more out there. 

I only have photos of the chalkboard but form drawing is so much more than this. We draw in the air, in sand, walk lines on the floor, make our bodies into shapes, spot shapes in nature when we're out walking, and lots more. The drawing part of form drawing is almost the least important, it's more about really getting a feel for shape, line and balance, the drawing is just the simplest to photograph!

Jo x 

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