Saturday, 1 December 2012


Preparations are beginning, I missed stir up sunday last week but managed to get my christmas cake in the oven (for 7 hours, phew!) today. The smells are so good and make the house feel all seasonal.

I had some left over mixture so I decided to make little christmas cupcakes. I've never tried this before so I'll have to let you know. I may even ice them like little christmas cakes!

The cake baking got me into the mood a bit so this evening I've been creating an advent calendar scene where our seasons table is. We have a teeny tiny mouse following a teeny tiny star path (the stars are about a cm wide).

The little mouse has to cross a sparkly ice river on the bark bridge and follow 24 tiny stars before reaching the bigger 25th. I hope to have some small trees in there soon to finish the decoration.

Jo x 

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  1. New header?? Love it! Christmas cupcakes sound great, yum!!!