Saturday, 4 February 2012


We have had a very mild winter this year so the dropping of the temperature and the arrival of ice this week had us all ready to get out there and experience it.

Much fun had by us all and breaking through the ice into the thick cold mud underneath felt great. We were trying to walk up the hill to the quoit at the top but were thwarted by a herd of cows. As much as I can tell faith that cows are lovely and gentle creatures, I had a bad experience with some angry cows when I was younger and I can only keep saying it up until the moment I am faced with them, and then I find myself turning back. All these cows did was look at us but unfortunately that was enough, it's something I'll conquer one of these days - maybe when I've got back up!

Temperature went back up to 8C today so that might be our only day of ice this year.

Jo x 

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