Thursday, 9 February 2012

make: valentines heart pillow

Make this squishy pillow for your loved one to snuggle up to.

I used old wool jumpers to make this pillow because it is soft and warm but any fabric is fine.
Sew some pieces together to make a pattern you like, I chose to do simple chunky stripes. No need to design this too much, so long as your colours look good together then it will come out looking great.

Lay on your heart template (for this size pillow I made my heart template out of a piece of A3 paper), and mark around it using pen, chalk, pins... whatever you like to use.

 Cut the heart out ...

... and give it to your helper to hold on to.

Cut out two of these hearts the same size.

Pin the hearts right sides together so that they line up and sew around the edge leaving a 2" gap.

Stuff the pillow through the gap and then hand sew the opening closed.

Happy crafting!

Jo x 

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