Monday, 2 July 2012


We have been barefootin it around here, enjoying all the different textures on our toes. Some friends of ours are barefoot running and they know about all the benefits for your muscles, joints, posture etc. I haven't read the books yet and am just doing it for the thrill. Sometimes when I'm feeling reckless I go barefooted to the little corner shop and walk through the shocked silences and funny looks. (I know... what a thrill seeker...). The best part is not having to find shoes before leaving the house, never mind finding 2 that match, and also not having to tell faith to get her shoes on.

I definately appreciate soft ground now and find myself balancing along the curb stones of pavements, baby in sling on hip, wild haired barefooted child jogging along behind, (there goes that crazy woman again......).

Of course no shoes doesn't mean nothing on your feet at all. Enter the barefoot sandal...

I crocheted these with a 1mm crochet hook and embroidery floss to my own 'make-it-up-as-you-go' pattern. They are pretty and comfy, and at a casual glance it does appear that I'm wearing sandals. I can feel more of these in my future.

Jo x

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