Thursday, 12 July 2012

make: upcycled boots

I saw this tutorial from mr. kate for re-designing cowboy boots and as I happened to have a pair of broken boots lying around I decided to give it a go.

Old boots
Haberdashery, (lace, belts, bling etc)
glue gun

I loved these boots so so much and I hadn't had them very long before all the inside fell apart and they would get stuck on my feet and almost dislocate my ankle trying to get them off. For the last 8 months they have been getting dusty in a corner because I couldn't bear to part with them so I was glad to be able to upgrade them. 

I love their new look and I'm looking forward to wearing them. This re-make was so easy, All just applied with hot glue. Because of where the heel linings and things were broken I had to cut right down to the sole at the heel in order to get them on and off so I have just sewn some hook and loop fastenings to the inside edge to close it up once they are on.

Jo x

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