Sunday, 19 August 2012


This amazing moth flew into the house last night. Luckily I was just standing right there holding my camra!

The flash on my camra made it look really yellow in the 2nd picture but its true colour is closer to the 1st picture. This is probably something a technically savvy person could sort out in photoshop...
I am trying to find out what this moth is called but can't seem to so far. Does anyone know? I'll update when I find out.

Jo x

Update: I emailed someone who knows about moths and am informed it is called 'the drinker' as the caterpillars drink drops of dew. This one is a female ( the males are smaller and browner ), and they usually fly in july and august.

Thankyou Liz for getting back to me so fast. Please go visit her site to see many many beautiful moth and butterfly photos as well as hundreds of other animals. My photo is going to be in the moth section now as they didn't have this species yet.

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  1. Great photos! How speedy of your friend to identify it :)