Thursday, 16 August 2012


I have really good intentions to only knit one thing at a time. To cast on, knit and cast off and really focus on that one item before even thinking of anything else. Of course this doesn't happen... ever. There's always that something that needs starting because its for a birthday or some other deadline, there's the projects that take for ever which need those little projects in between to keep your sanity, there's that stash of beautiful yarn in the corner of the room chanting - cast on, cast on, cast on, in a voice which it seems the rest of my family can't hear, then there's the oh so enticing 'to do' ravelry queue. This is all a long way of saying that I usually have loads 1 or 2 projects on the needles at any one time.

Sometimes though its time to face the truth. I will never ever finish some of those projects, some of them have been in the WIP pile for years. I made the decision to unravel, I thought it would be horrible (all those hours of work), but actually it was wonderfully liberating. I hadn't realise how much they had been hanging over me while they were sitting there. Now that yarn is all free again to become something new...

...andc now I have space in my basket.....

In the future I may want to do this where little helpers can't see me and get ideas.

Jo x

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  1. oh if you only knew how many things I rip apart! I think it's a good thing to call it quits to something that is just not working out. Love your helper :)