Thursday, 23 August 2012

one small change

Last time, our small change was to get our shower time under 4 minutes. That has been pretty easy actually, I think I was just lingering there before enjoying the warm water because I don't have to go any quicker really to beat my timer. Yes, I have been setting a timer (and I've also been setting an alarm just outside the door when other people go for a shower!).
This month my change was going to be one of getting up earlier. Before having Roghan I was usually a half 5 kind of person, with a new baby that obviously went out the window! Recently Roghan has only been waking up once in the night and usually getting up about 7am so I thought I could get back to my old routine. Unfortunately I managed to time this with 2 weeks of teething where he started getting up endless times in the night and then deciding night was over sometime around 4.30am. So, my attempts for some calm time in the morning havn't happened yet. He's starting to settle again now (no new teeth though), and getting back to one wake up, but he still seems to think anytime between 5 and 6am is a good time to get up.
Hopefully soon he will start sleeping a bit later (maybe when the sun doesn't rise so early), so I can get up before him. I just love that peaceful time in the morning when you feel like your the only person in the world. Having that hour or so of calm makes my day much smoother and gives my reserves of patience a definate boost. Having a calm and happy mama is very good for the health of the family!

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