Saturday, 1 September 2012

make: with palm leaves

When really strong winds blow hundreds of palm leaves down, what do you do?
- braid them all together into a really long rope that is virtually unbreakable,
and hang it up in the tree to make a swing.
- peg down the ends of one with little twigs and play croquet, (using a stilt as bat, of course!).
- weave into a place mat
- split into thin pieces and braid a sweet bracelet
- attempt to make a basket and then realise that your knowledge of basketry consists entirely of the words 'over, under, over, under...' and maybe you need some lessons.
These are just a few things that we got up to on a sunny afternoon, I've heard that people build bridges out of these leaves and also that they are used to make fabric by splitting them down to thread-like fibres and then weaving.
Happy experimenting!
Jo x

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