Wednesday, 12 September 2012

yarn along

Joining in with ginny for the yarn along this week.

I have been holding back on these photos for a week or two as they were for birthday gifts. However, the birthdays have happened now so I can share.

Socks have become a bit of a birthday tradition for chris so he had some very fetching grey and pink ones.

These were made with my very simple and basic sock recipie (recipie, not pattern because it is not written down it is just the way I do socks and can be adjusted to any size of person or yarn, if anyone is interested I can try to explain that a bit better!).
I recently treated myself to a new book 'toe up 2 at a time socks' in the hopes that my sock making can become a bit more adventurous, and also in the hopes of avoiding 2nd sock syndrome.

This shawl is crocheted from the wisteria pattern.
It was fun to work on and I think the outcome is really beautiful.

Ravely notes here.

I haven't been reading any fiction at the moment because I have so many knitting, sewing and schooling things going on that there is not a minute in the day for reading, unless, of course, it is about knitting, sewing, or schooling! So, to those ends I have been using toe up - 2 at a time socks, handmade beginnings and last minute patchwork and quilted gifts.

Jo x 


  1. Beautiful projects!! I think the recipients were very lucky indeed!!

  2. Wow, that shawl is beautiful!

  3. Goodness - your shawl is breathtakingly beautiful, well done!
    I like the idea of your birthday socks tradition.

  4. The shawl sure is beautiful - lovely delicate finish.
    Cool socks.

  5. The colors of the socks are great and the shawl is stunning!

  6. love the greys and pink!!! (great way to use up orphan balls of yarn, too....hmmmm---got me thinking!!!! thanks!!!)

  7. I envy your ability to make socks. I tried once and the darn thing is still on the needles because I absolutely have no idea of how to turn that heel.

    You asked about the book, Flying the Dragon. Yes, it is suitable for kids. I'd say 3rd grade or older.

  8. The shawl is simply stunning. What a beautiful thing to wear for Autumn :)

  9. Love your shawl! So intricate.

  10. Your projects are absolutely beautiful!

  11. that shawl is stunning. just lovely.

  12. Oh my, that shawl is just lovely. What a gift.