Sunday, 16 September 2012

new babies...

A good friend of mine has just got a new spaniel puppy, she is going to be trained to use as a gundog and I am fascinated to see the process the involves. For now though she is just 11 weeks old and is enjoying the boundless energy of puppydom. Introducing Indie...

As you can see she and Roghan got on pretty well, they both knocked each other over and sat on each other several times but neither seemed to mind.

An arrival at another friends home is this sweetest little one. Nicknamed sketcher (after the shoebox he was brought home in), this baby hedgehog (hoglet!), was either abandoned or its mother died and he was found wandering alone down the side of a road at 3 weeks old. At that age he would only have been out of the den a day or 2 and wouldn't stand a chance alone. However, he is now a month older, putting on weight and doing well. Unfortunately he has some injury to his back leg and cannot be released, the sanctuary is full so my friend looks like she will end up with a hedgehog as a pet!

In the photos you can see that its front left leg looks really swollen, the vets think it may be arthritis as it doesn't respond to any anti-inflammatory and this is why it can't be released.

Jo x 

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