Sunday, 11 March 2012

at the park

Here are a few shots from our day at the park, it really felt like spring had come. The ground was dry enough to lie on and the sunlight was warm enough to take layers off and soak it up, still a nip in the air but more fresh than cold. It was great to run about and work off some energy too.

Faith really is the greatest big sister, she holds Roghan so securely and confidently and he feels so happy and safe with her. It is a beautiful bond that I hope will last through their lives.

After playing in the park we took a scoot down to the seafront to see my favourite thing of all ...

... the horizon. I'm so happy to live in a place where I can see that long curved line, it is really peaceful and reassuring to me. I grow claustrophobic in cities because of the lack of this line and as much as I love the woodlands, I still get drawn back to the wide open space of the sea after a time. I have only ever seen the long uninterrupted horizon line over the sea so I would love one day to go to a desert or huge flat grassland to see it somewhere else.

Jo x

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  1. I know what you mean about needing to see the Big Sky- I get claustrophpbic in urban areas, too. Thanks for visiting my blog- yours is lovely!