Friday, 16 March 2012

make: felt ball chicks

These were really quick and fun to make and are getting well played with. Start with a simple needle or wet felted ball. There are many many tutorials around for this or you can buy felt balls ready made. Then just cut out little felt shapes to sew on. Papa chick has beak, tail, comb and feet, Mama chick has beak, comb, and feet (and is a little smaller), and the baby chicks just have beaks, (and are much smaller). Eyes are simply tiny embroidered lines. Bury thread ends by doing a couple of tiny stitches to secure and then taking your needle out the opposite side of the ball, pulling the thread taut and then cutting off really close, the thread will spring back inside the ball and be undetectable. I made mine stand up a little better by just gently needle felting the bottoms a little to make them slightly flatter.

Jo x