Wednesday, 21 March 2012

yarn along

Joining in with Ginny from small things for the yarn along today.

After seeing another yarn along post recommending this book I went for it and read the whole thing in less than 24 hours. Its amazing, it completely sucks you in and there was no way I could stop reading until I found out how it ended. Well worth a read I think and now I'm anticipating the release of the film in a few days.

I have almost finished the sparkly shrug I was making last week but I'll post pictures next time when it's done.

Yesterday I started making these little finger puppet gnomes so I thought I would put instructions up here. They are super simple -
Cast on 10 sts,in body colour. I used a DK weight yarn and 4mm needles.
St st 10 rows.
Change to a face colour. 
St st 6 rows, next row, K2tog across (5 sts).
Break off yarn and thread through the remaining sts.
That is all I've done so far but I plan to make quite a few and I'll post finishing them and making hats and cloaks next week.

Happy yarn along.

Jo x 


  1. It's funny, I just finished the 3rd hunger games book - I know what you mean about them sucking you in!

    Finger puppet gnomes sound so cute!

  2. My son read the books first and ask me if I would like to give them a go; I sat and did nothing but read. I was surprised as I don't usually like Youth fiction, but these books are really gripping!
    Thanks for the finger gnome pattern, there is a wee one here who would love for me to knit up a few.
    Have a lovely yarn along day.

  3. I still have not read those but my daughters have.....maybe soon! Your little finger puppets are cute...thanks for the pattern!!

  4. I'm rereading Hunger Games before seeing the movie this weekend. I read it first about three years ago, I think? Sucked me right back in though! What a story!

  5. your finger gnomes look like they will be cute!
    I really have to read those books!

  6. Looks like it is the week for gnomes. I finished up some fabric ones this week. Aren't they fun?

  7. I also enjoyed The Hunger Games, but have yet to read the rest of the series! Anticipating the movie's release! :)

  8. OK. OK. I surrender. I am going to get my hands on a copy of that book!

  9. You know, I would be interested to see how many Yarn Along-ers are not or have not read these books :)

  10. I watched the first movie - really liked it. Read the second book - loved it. Read the third book - thought it was a cop out!

    But i like your blog a lot!