Monday, 30 April 2012

First camping trip of the year

I have been having trouble getting photo's on to my computer so sorry for the long gap between blog posts, hopefully all is sorted now so I can get on with keeping track of our days and I have a few 'makes' to write up as well.

A few weeks ago we were having a blast of hot weather so we decided the time was right for the first camping trip of the year (hopefully the first of many!), and Roghan's first ever camping trip. We only went an hours drive away but however far you go it feels like a holiday just being out of the house. We also only stayed for 2 nights but it was brilliant, we went with some friends and they stayed in some little hobbit house type cabins and we took our bell tent.

I love love camping so much, I love being outside all the time, I love going to bed with the sun or staying up talking by candlelight, I love that its cold at night (at this time of year anyway), so we all have to snuggle in bed together under blanket mountain, I love the fire smell that permeates everything, I love the patter of rain on canvas, and I love the freedom of packing it all up and moving somewhere else.

Needless to say, Faith and Roghan love camping too, or I should say - Faith loves it and Roghan just took it completely in stride like he does almost everything. Chris I'm not so sure about, I think he comes for us rather than for any love of camping but he seems to like it once he's there!

We visited an aquarium while we were away and Roghan was completely mesmerised by the under water tunnel, I think we could have laid him down in there for the rest of the day and he would have loved it.

Unfortunately, in the weeks since then it seems winter has returned in full force so we are staying home at the moment and waiting for spring to return.Here's to many more camping trips this year.

Jo x 

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