Sunday, 1 April 2012

spring craft exchange

We have just received our spring craft exchange items in the post. I love getting these packages its so exciting and when it arrives with its USA postmark, faith and I gather around it and really carefully break all the tape first so that then we can just effortlessly open the lid to reveal its treasures.

We got a rabbit flax seed heat pack, a felt tree and gnome, a wooden tree, blue silk, wooden prince and princess figures and a cuddly dog/sheep ( at first we thought it was a little spring lamb but then faith adopted it as a little fluffy puppy and even gave it a little pink leg warmer to sleep in!).

My contribution to the exchange was some crocheted baskets, they had some crocheted spring flowers in them too but somehow I failed to take photos of them.

I love these exchanges and appreciate the gifts we receive so much. Thank you to all those talented mums out there who contribute. Looking forward to the summer exchange.

Jo x 


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