Thursday, 19 April 2012

new arrival

We have had an exciting new arrival at our house this week.

Our new baby. benjamin mittens (yes all our bunnies have 2 names!). Note the little white 'mitten' front right.

He is super sweet and full of fun and mischief. I only went into the pet shop for some sawdust and came out instead with a box containing 1 baby rabbit, and no sawdust. It took him all of 10 seconds to have me by the heart and then I couldn't leave him. Luckily chris melted as soon as he saw him too so I got away with that one! He is now being carted around under faith's arm most of the time and very obligingly sitting in all the cardboard box 'houses' she is making for him!

The photo below is our other rabbit - jackson bunno - and the stance he took upon spotting another bunny in the house, sooo funny! They had a bit of a scuffle as is the way with rabbits but are now happily grooming each other and sleeping cuddled up together.

Jo x

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