Monday, 16 January 2012

12 months of giving: sponsored walk

We are joining in with 12 months of giving.For our first month faith decided to do a sponsored walk, 6.5 miles along the coast. All proceeds to go to the trewellard pony sanctuary which cares for horses and ponies that are ill or have been mistreated.

Here we are at the very start of our walk in mousehole, our destination is st michaels mount far across the ocean!

 7 of us accompanied Faith on the walk, including Roghan, who definitely travelled in the most comfort. Although it was sunny it was extremely windy and quite cold.

The harbour at Newlyn looking beautiful and colourful in the sunshine. I wish you could hear the bells clanging and tinkling on the masts.

We were so lucky to time this walk right so that my brother could join us on a very rare visit from Singapore. Thanks Dan for being there we loved your company.

Here we are coming to Penzance, still battling with the wind but enjoying watching the big waves.

A bit of wall walking to take minds off tired legs as we reach the 4 mile mark.

The last leg, just off the right of this picture at the end of this beach is our finishing point at Marazion.

We did eventually make it to the mount, and after taking over 100 pictures on the way, I failed to take one at that crucial moment (too excited about having made it I think!), this is the photo I took closest anyway.

Thanks to all who came with us and made it a really enjoyable day, Faith raised close to £100 for the pony sanctuary, I will post again when she goes to give the money/.

Well done Faith x

Later that day, Faith even had the energy to go for a scooter ride!

Jo x

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  1. What a fabulous idea your daughter had! I will have to tell my boys about this. Your pictures are gorgeous. Thanks for participating in 12 Months of Giving. :)