Saturday, 21 January 2012


Never mind us teaching our babies, there are so many things we can learn from them. One of the biggest I have been aware of recently is concentration. Roghan can concentrate on one thing for a seemingly endless amount of time, (until he gets hungry, or tired, or uncomfortable, or hot .....etc), one thing he never gets is bored. Last night he was lying on his back quite happily and I held up a small soft toy. I didn't wave it around or do anything at all with it really, I just held it there - and he stared at it for over 45 minutes. Not an exaggeration.

That's a really long time, definitely long enough for me to get bored and wonder what was so fascinating, and definitely long enough for my arm to ache a lot. I began to look at the toy more closely and realised that it was changing all the time, it's little whiskers moving in the breeze from the window, the light on its fur changing as it moved slightly, the reflections in its shiny eyes. It was changing constantly but only a baby would notice.

Thank you Roghan for teaching me to look a little closer and a little longer at things.

Jo x 

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