Sunday, 22 January 2012

make: jeans tub

How to recycle an old pair of jeans into a new and useful tub. I am using faiths jeans which are a 6 - 7 size.

Cut the legs off to make a tube of material, then measure around the bottom edge of the tube.

We need to find the radius of the circle that would fit into the bottom of this tube, so, the measurement you just took would be the circumference of the circle, divide this by pi (3.14) to find the diameter, then divide this by 2 to find the radius.
For example the distance around the bottom of mine was 29.5 inches, divide this by pi to get 9.394 then by 2 to get 4.69. So, I need to cut a circle with a radius of approx 4.7 inches.
To do this cut down the seam of the jeans leg then open out to get a piece of fabric. Fold in to quarters and then measure your radius from the centre corner out and make marks in an arc from the vertical edge to the horizontal edge. (see picture). Sew together the fabric from both legs if your piece is not big enough.

Cut along this arc through all 4 layers of fabric then open out to get a circle that fits into the tube of fabric from the top of the jeans.

Pin the circle into the top of the jeans right sides together. Clip the edges to give it a bit of stretch to make it fit. Pin opposite points first then halfway between these (the quarter points), then pin the rest to ensure an even fit.

Sew around. (Carefully, there's lots of pins poking out!).

Turn right side out and store your stuff.

Happy crafting.

Jo x 

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