Wednesday, 25 January 2012

yarn along

Joining in with the yarn along.

Finished pair of baby socks.

Chunky pair of slippers for me. I'm still going to put a sole on these to make them a bit more hard wearing. This is such a simple pattern that I will put up a post on how to make them soon.

One finished mitten complete with thumb! Halfway there! I have another project that I really really want to get started on but I am trying to be disciplined and do the mittens first, it's really hard.

Cast on for a baby jacket in a bigger size than the one Roghan has now, he is growing so fast.

Still no reading this week for me although I am enjoying reading 'Little house in the Big Woods' with Faith. It's the first time she's got into reading chapter books and its such a classic, I think I'm enjoying it as much as she is.

Jo x 


  1. Love your mittens, this style is something I have yet to do, they are so pretty. Cute baby socks, so tiny!

  2. oh those little socks are adorable, as is the babe in your blog header!!

  3. Your mitten is wonderful - love the color patterning.

  4. Oh, baby socks are just too cute! The slippers look fabulously cosy too :)

  5. My! You've been very busy. :-)

  6. I loved the Little House books as a kid, I should read them again...

  7. your knitting is so beautiful. have fun finishing the second gorgeous mitten.